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Wish List and Donation Request Page:

We have a "wish list" page so that everyone knows they can "request" particular items for future fundraisers! Basically, this "wish list" is a public listing of items that others would be interested in seeing up for auction(or in raffles or whatever). Some of these are "hard to find" or "unique" items, so if any of you can find any of these, or anything like them, please let us know! If you can offer a donation of an item that is wonderful, but even if you just find an item for sale, let Pat know what and where(how to get it, in other words), and she'll take it from there! Hopefully this list will be added to and updated regularly, and we hope to see some of these items up for auction soon! If you can think of any particular item(doggy or eskie) that you'd like to see up for auction(note...Pat assumes you will bid on it if she gets one on the auction!), then let us know and we'll either look for it and/or add it to this page for others to help us out too!

A number of  "wish items" have been granted already, and we're seeking more! Bear in mind....if you want to purchase an item, maybe send it through the list anyway....if someone's willing to donate it, then it will do some eskies the good as WELL as you getting the item you wanted! So.....do consider that if you know of an item you want, but haven't "bought" yet!

Right now, we're leaving the list "blank"(it was long overdue for an update), but we're also considering making this more "interactive" so you can add an item via a little entry form right here as well. In the meantime, if you have any "wish items" you'd like to see in future fundraisers, please let Pat know. Thanks.....

D o n a t i o n s :

We can ALWAYS use item donations for the fundraisers! Usually these are eskie and/or doggy related, but we are open to other non-canine related items, if we can get bids on them, it works, and we'll keep it up! We just want to raise as much money for as much good as we can! Since most of the folks checking the fundraisers out are eskie folks, particular items with eskies/spitz/etc. on them are prime candidates for donation. Sooo...if you know of a neat item and would like to offer it for the fundraisers, let Pat know and she'll take it from there! We've also had some "special made" items up on the auction as well; these being items such as Custom Afghans, Pet Portraits, etc. If YOU have a special talent that you could share with us and offer up a neat item for the auction.....just let us know, and we'll sure see if we can work it in! All in all...any and all donations are always appreciated, so just let us know if you can help out in this respect. If you're not up to doing the shopping yourself, you can always check with Pat and she is usually MORE than willing to do the "shopping" for you if you send in a few dollars for her to shop with(trust us....she's a bargain hunter and comes up with some great stuff that really gets a good investment-to-funds_raised ratio for return!). Either way, the more items we get, the better the auctions will be!

Thanks for ALL your help in these auctions....it really is a group effort!

Send wishlist requests/comments to Pat Cassel at pcassel@pa.net !

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