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EskieFriends - Rules

"Rules" have been added to the fundraisers, starting in January, 2000! With the fundraisers growing so much and with so much involvement, we have realized the need for all of us to be on the "same page" for how things operate! Thus, after discussion and careful consideration, this is what we are implementing at present! Any changes to the rules will be noted on the NEWS page as well as here on the RULES page, plus any changes will be mentioned in upcoming fundraisers! Please read the rules as by participating(bidding, donating, or in ANY administrative position for the fundraisers) you(and us as well) are agreeing to these rules!

EskieFriends RULES:
--Person processing the auction bids can NOT bid (common courtesy).
--Person holding the raffle can NOT buy tickets (common courtesy).
--All amounts are figured in US dollars(unless otherwise noted). Thus, bids and raffle tickets are in US funds. Please bid accordingly, and also make sure your auction bid and raffle payments are in US funds.
--All auction payments are due 30 days AFTER MY notification TO the winners. If you are paid 1 time per month, please let me know. I will seek to work with you, but payment is expected no later than 45 days. Reminders will be sent out. Hopefully we will all work together in the best interest of the furkids. After the 30/45 day limit, the item will be offered to the next high bidder at the winning bid price. (Thus, if you cannot pay in the 30/45 day limit, you will likely forfeit the item and next high bidder will have the option of buying the item!)
--All packages are to be mailed out within 7 days after notification that payment has been received, EXCEPT customized packages. The customized packages should be completed and forwarded within a reasonable timeframe. All customized packages are noted.

--Failure to comply with these rules can(and will likely) result in suspension of auction priveleges(bidding and/or donating)!

**There may well be exceptions from time to time. If you have a VALID reason and need more time, I will accommodate a SINCERE VALID delay in payment and/or mailing--within a reasonable timeframe. If you have a problem send an email to me at

NOTE: "ideally" we'd like to see all donators have items ready to ship BEFORE end of auction, so items can be sent as soon as possible after notification of payment! Likewise, we'd "ideally" like to see payment SENT for auction items within 7-14 days of END of auction so that item can be sent shortly thereafter, and within 30 days of end of auction you'll have the item(s) you won! We realize that not all is always "ideal", but we do want all involved to deal in a "reasonable" timeframe! The 30/45 day payment limit and 7 day send request is so that we can aim to have ALL auctions "closed" no more than 2 months after the auction! We do not have the time or resources to continue to "track" late items.....NOR do the furkids have the time or resources! MOST of the auctions are held for NEEDY eskies, and their bills are often either put on hold or footed temporarily by kind folks! The sooner we get the funds to their destination, the sooner the bills can be addressed AND the more good we can continue to do! If you cannot pay for items in this timeframe for a particular auction, please just "view" the auctions and not bid! If you cannot "send" an item in the reasonable timeframe, please consider not donating the item! NONE of us needs the extra work of null bids or null items! Thanks for understanding and continuing to help the eskies!


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