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Past Fundraisers
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EskieFriends - Past Fundraisers

This is just a link page to our "past" Auctions, Raffles, and other fundraisers....so you can see what was offered and also who the fundraising efforts were held for! The past fundraisers/payouts are now divided into sections, by year, so you can navigate the sections rather than wading through all of it on one page.

The Keeshond fundraisers we've helped with(either here or on Jill's, or other sites) are on the Keeshond page, of course!  :o)

  2003 Fundraisers/Payouts will be added to this first page as the year progresses, and the past fundraisers are found in their appropriate year location!

Links to past sections(by years)
Main Past Page 1999/2000 2001 2002 Keeshond

Fundraisers and "others helped by our efforts" in 2003

Auctions: "Others" helped via our funds, but not included in a specific fundraiser. Raffles:
June 2003- EF Auction for Bobby

April 2003- EF DogBowl Auction

March 2003- EF DogBowl Auction
(DogHouse Fever Auction)

Beau: April 2003

Elise: March 2003

Billy: March 2003

6 Eskies: January 2003

Rosco: January 2003

May 2003- EF Raffle for Fritz, Rocky, and Dudley

February 2003- EF DogBowl Raffle

"Other" fundraisers:

Eskie Tissue Box Cover -Special Sale: March 2003
(offsite link)

Parade of Eskies Special Sale - February 2003
(offsite link)


Send questions on auctions/raffles to Pat Cassel at pcassel@pa.net !

Send comments/questions on the site/pages, to Michael at : unklemunky@eskie.net !


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