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April 2003 Dogbowl Payout: Beau

Beau's Story

Hi Everyone,

I'm a handsome Eskie named Beau. I was "dumped" by my owner in Atlanta, after living with them for 5 years. I can't understand why they no longer wanted me.

Stormy, in Columbus GA, took me in and found me a home right away. This home did not work out and I found myself homeless again---in less than a year. Next, they found me what appeared to be the perfect home. I was the companion to an autistic child in Columbus and everything seemed to be going my way. The child and I bonded tightly.

Then, things changed. The "man of the family" decided that he did not like me and after a while, I had to go. I went through a bought of depression, and I needed lots of patience and love to start to come out of it.

When no suitable home could be found for me in Columbus GA, Debbie Nicholas in Columbus, Mississippi, took me in as a foster---after Stormy decided that no home was going to be found in the area for me.

Me, being the sweet little gentleman that I am, found a home quickly in Tennessee. But, before the family that adopted me could become attached to me, it was discovered that I was quite ill. At age 9, I seem to have developed some sort of malabsorption problem. While in Columbus GA, Stormy's vet had discovered that I had a "nervous stomach" and put me on Tagament, thinking that all of the moving around and missing my autistic friend caused this.

Jennifer, in Knoxville, took me in as a foster and began a series of tests to determine my problem. The local vet in Knoxville ran a series of tests and began treating me for ulcers and giardia hoping this would solve the problem. The vet also put me on a special diet of 3 daily feedings of Hills i/d food.

After all the meds were gone a month later - and with me scarfing down food like a horse - they discovered that I had LOST weight when I went back to the vet. Guess what? Now I go to the University of Tennessee Veterinary School for further testing. It is believed that I definitely have some form of malabsorption problem - maybe cololitis or something that is far too long for me to try to spell.

I need a biopsy and further blood tests, and will continue on my expensive special diet. The testing by far seems to be the most expensive procedure at this point outside of surgery, which is why Jennifer asked EFs for help.

Once my problems and treatment are determined, Debbie has offered to give me a permanent home if my illness will make it too difficult for me to be adopted. We are still hoping I can find my own home, but if not, they told me not to worry. I'm tired of moving from home to home. Besides, I'm not getting any younger. All I want is a family to call my own and people that will love me.

Jennifer and TN REskies are crossing paws for me, that my illness is treatable and I can lead a somewhat normal life once we find out what is wrong.

I need $471.85. I want to send a really big THANK YOU to all my EskieFriends for paying my bills. I appreciate it so much. So....keep me in your prayers. I luv ya! Thank you in......Giving Life A Second Chance.

Eskie Hugs & Kisses, Luv & Licks, Handsome Beau

\ This Payout: Beau /

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