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Mailing List Information!

If you want to receive the postings of daily updates, upcoming events, recent results, or other announcements from us here at the fundraisers, please consider joining our list! Details about it and how to subscribe/unsubscribe are below!

WHAT: The EskieFriends Mailing List is for the fundraisers that we hold here. We plan this to be an "announcement only" list. Thus, it will only be for US who are making the announcements anyway to distribute the announcements in a more sensible fashion. As of late, Pat's "auction distribution list" is looking like the Philadelphia phone book, and we've been considering some ways of easing this overload, while also not leaving anyone out!

SOLUTION: We could utilize a number of mailing formats, but we're utilizing only one(after some testing), and for certain reasons. Many just are not up to what we need. We are utilizing a "Smartgroups" list for the auctions at this time. We have chosen to go with a Smartgroups list rather than other formats, mainly due to Michael's decision(if you want to know why he is NOT using an Egroups list, feel free to ask him!). But, anyway....we figure that by utilizing an "announcement" list that people can join/leave at their own will, we can leave Pat's announcement list a little less cumbersome while still getting the word out!

ADVANTAGES: Well....simply put, and most importantly, it eases up Pat's list maintenance that she has to keep up with. Second, it adds some more "security" for those enjoying the auctions. At present, EVERYONE in Pat's email distribution is listed by name/email, and anyone who reads the headers can access that information. With a formal mailing list, that information is NOT readily seen, but rather "hidden" as it's via a list and not umpteen individuals! Anyone can join/leave the list at their own convenience too....thus, if you want news from us...be on our "list" and if not.....just unsubscribe...everyone can choose easily when to be on the list and when not to! There are other advantages too, but those are the main ones!

HOW it works: Simple.....you "subscribe" to the mailing list and once subscribed, then EVERY email sent to the mailing list gets sent to everyone on it! Thus, when Pat sends an auction announcement to the list, EVERYONE on it will get a copy of it! She only has one email address for "x" number of people for the list! As noted, this will be an "announcement only" list. Thus, only Pat and Michael(and any current raffle host) are setup to "send" mail to it at present.....you will ONLY receive mail from the list, you cannot send TO it! However....please be aware that you'll most likely only get about 1 email a day DURING auctions and an occassional mail between auctions/raffles. These are just postings of news/upcoming events/daily auction updates and related information. It's NOT a discussion list.....just "fundraiser information" However....that can come in handy for those who do NOT want to be on another (eskie) mailing list yet still want to get the auction news!

HOW to join: OK.....if you're interested, there are a couple ways to do this. Let me mention also that the name of the list is "EskieFriends"....we chose this as there are non-eskie folks involved in these auctions and we're ALL friends of the eskies in various ways, so EskieFriends was a good choice...plus, now with the new domain....everything jives well!!

Anyway....First method of joining: you can merely goto the "EskieFriends" page at Smartgroups(if you have any trouble accessing this, merely goto http://www.smartgroups.com and do a search for EskieFriends and you'll find the page!). You can "join" via the site! (Please note, as most other "list" sites, cookies are required to access the site!)

A variation of this first method is to use the "join box" below. This helps streamline the signup process. Please feel free to use the "box below" to join!

  Enter your email address:
  A service provided by SmartGroups.com  

Second method is to merely send an email to "EskieFriends-subscribe@smartgroups.com" and follow the directions. If this does not seem to work OR you do not receive a reply saying you've joined AFTER you've sent your reply to their note back, we can work another method. (we can monitor list member status and will address any issues that might be "hanging", but if you are having any problems, please contact Michael and he'll do his best to help you out!)

Method #3: ask either Michael or Pat to "invite" you to the list. We'll send out a formal invitation and once you reply(According to instructions), you'll be part of the list.

Please note that the "first" method above is the best....goto the site and join! But, if you cannot or do not want to do those methods, please try any of the others! If you have ANY problems with accessing the list or joining or anything, please write to Michael....he's been the one setting this up, and will help you along the way!

By the way..."unsubscribing" is pretty much "reverse" of the above subscription process, and is noted in the "welcome messages".....but if you have any troubles joining or leaving, let us know! Right now, we are still getting used to the list, and we appreciate your help and involvement! Thanks!

OK......we should be all set now....but if you do have any questions/comments/etc., please write Michael on this!
And....thanks again for helping the eskies......we really appreciate it!

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