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EskieFriends - Links, etc.

This section will not only house a "links" to us feature, but also some other links to sections/pages that aren't noted elsewhere. First, the "link to us" section:

Link To Us: With the new domain name, we are hoping it will be easier to find us, but also easier to link to us! We know that many of you have links on your sites to our former "Auctions for the Eskies" pages. We'd like to ask anyone with those links to update to the new URL! Also...anyone wishing to link to the new site can do so in a few ways.

1) Simple text link: Just note us as "EskieFriends" (and whatever description you think fits) and use the URL to our front page which is  http://www.eskiefriends.com

2) Grab one of our buttons and use this as a link: Right click on the image and "save as"...the name is "micro_2b.jpg" as we note it. Save it to your own space and then when you assign a link, use the same URL as above: http://www.eskiefriends.com . Note that this "micro" image is a standard 88x31 pixel button...that's the common "micro" size button you see on many sites! We will hopefully come up with some more buttons in the future, but you can grab this one for now and link to us!

3) Feel free to come up with your own way of linking to us.....maybe let us know if you do this so we can see how it looks!

If you do link to us, feel free to let us know......we always enjoy knowing who's connecting to us on their sites! If you wish to link to us but aren't sure how to, send a note to Michael and ask him for help....he'll do what he can to help out!

Comments Section: I can't recall if I linked this elsewhere or not. After working on 200+ pages in about 2 weeks, I guess I could easily have done so and forgotten(or could have just as easily NOT done so and forgotten!), but figured I'd put a link here anyway! The "comments" section is for comments from YOU to or about us and the fundraisers! I haven't really gotten this fully working yet, but am hoping to setup a sort of "guestbook" section where you can leave your comments anytime. In the meantime, you can mail any comments to us.....we'll add some as soon as we get around to it! Please see the "comments" page for further details. I k now I put the page there, just didn't know if I linked anything TO it.....good job, right....make a page, but don't make a road to get there! Way to go, Mikey! :) Hey.....thanks for putting up with us....we love ya!

We'll be adding some other sections to this page as time goes on, but that's a start.....thanks for visiting.....

If you have comments or questions on the fundraisers, send them to Pat! If y
ou have comments or questions on the site, please send to Michael! Thanks, and we hope you enjoy the events!!!

Send requests/comments to Pat Cassel at pcassel@pa.net !

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