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EskieFriends - Guide

We will keep information on this page for referencing basic questions and "how to" details.

Below are further details on how the fundraisers operate, so read this page if you have questions on the site.


News and Changes: Can be found on the "news" page, so please check that for any changes and/or developments you might want to be aware of!

Viewing the site: We try to make the site pleasant to access and view, but it has grown immensely over time and thus the site needs to keep "evolving"! However, we try to keep navigation pretty straight forward...text links at the top and bottom of each page! "Home" page is the "front" page! This "front" page also serves as an "access" or gateway to any and all pages for the current, past, and upcoming fundraisers! Please feel free to "drop" back to the front page at any time as it is the best "starting point" for the fundraisers! It is also the ONLY page we recommend you bookmark as other pages may change, but the front page will remain there!

Sections noted in the links at the top:

Home: The fundraiser front page (you can also click on the top banner/logo on any page to get back to the front as well!)

News: News and other noteworthy tidbits posted.

About Us: Well.....you got it.....about us and the fundraisers!

Guide: This section...a guide to the site and fundraisers!

Rules: Fundraiser rules section...please read before participating in any fundraiers!

Mailing List: Our "announcement" only mailing list....just for us to send updates, information out for the fundraisers...please see that page for more details!

Wish List: Know of an item that you are having a hard time finding....see if someone else can maybe find it. Want to buy an item but also have it bring in some $$$ for the fundraisers....see if someone's willing to donate it. We want to get neat items on the auctions and raffles, so let us know if there's something unique you are looking for....you just might be surprised!

DogBowl: This is the EskieFriends DogBowl. Most of our fundraisers are for specific cases and we seek to raise funds for those cases. From time to time, we do raise MORE than we set out to, and the amount will be put in the DogBowl. In the past, when we've had any excess funds and announced such, we usually hear about some dire need cases that could use some of those funds, so the amounts in the DogBowl usually don't stay there long(but does ANYTHING stay in a dogbowl very long???). Please see this page for more details....

Links, etc.: A page that houses a "link to us" section as well as links to other sections. Some miscellaneous pages will likely be linked OFF this page in the future, but it's worth checking out even now. Grab an EskieFriends button and link to us for starters!

Past Fundraisers: Our index to PAST efforts. Thus, you can check out past items, totals, stories, etc.

For Invidual fundraisers, there are some variations:

There is a "navigation bar" near the top of every fundraiser page. This used to be a plain "grey bar" below the general links at the top of each page, and looks like this:

In more recent fundraisers, this is a shorter, inset bar, just above the "clock bar".....and is a graduated grey bar instead, with the white "clock bar" beneath it......looking somewhat like this::

This is a divider as well as multi-purpose bar! It divides the top link section from the main information on the page. PLUS....it will serve as a navigation bar on various pages! On the front page, it will be a quickie link guide to current/recent/future fundraisers.....or whatever seems to work best. It will vary for Auctions and raffles though, so read below:

A sample of the new auction bar is below:

/ This Auction: Front | Item Listing | Item Descriptions | Information \
This Auction: | Front | Item Listing | Information \

The raffle bar will be VERY similar...only differing in the title of "This Raffle" instead! To use this navigation bar, note the following:

-The "navigation" grey bar is fundraiser-specific! Thus, it navigates you WITHIN a fundraiser. It will remain after the fundraiser is finished as well.

"Front" takes you to THAT fundraiser's front section....as it's the gateway to the rest of the fundraiser!

"Item Listing" takes you to the thumbnail listing of items. For auctions this also includes the regular updates to the bids, etc. Thumbnail images of items, package title, package number, donator, and opening/current/high bids are on this page! When finished, it will show "winning bidder". Raffles will show all this except "bid amounts" as they don't pertain to raffles! Also....each package is linked off its thumbnail/title to its own page...use this page to access individual items if you prefer!

"Item Descriptions" is the big page for showing ALL the packages and details. You can bid on any item from here, but the page can be VERY huge and slow loading with lots of images. Great if you want to view all the items though!

"Information" is the section of the fundraiser where we put the "stories" behind the case. Who the fundraiser is being held for and why. Some of these are tear-bringers, but there's always a great story behind the fundraisers, so do check this section out in every event!

The white Clock Bar is on auction/raffle pages only and merely shows the time remaining during an ongoing fundraiser. After the fundraiser is completed, it will merely indicate the fundraiser is over. Thus, this is pretty much just a clock! :)

Further information for Auctions:

Bidding: For each item, there is a description, most have pictures, and each has an "opening bid". Since we've gone to an automated bidding process, here is a basic description of the process:

Bidding Procedure:
- Bids are now to be sent from a "form"(and not direct emails). These are on EACH individual item's page. It is a 2 step process. You enter the amount first(on the form on the bottom of the item page), hit "enter bid" and it will take you to a 2nd form screen. This is a "verification" screen telling you what you are bidding and you will enter your name and email address here. Once you hit "bid" on that page, it gets processed. If you're the new high bidder, you are sent an email confirmation, and the bid is updated. YES, bids are now updated as they are made! Pat no longer has to do this manually! :) So, this is now more or less "live"! :) If you are outbid on an item, you are sent an outbid notice(if you outbid yourself, well, yes, you'll receive both right now! :). A confirmation email is sent to the auction address as well, for our tracking. Thus, we will keep all bids logged as well, so we can follow any questions/problems, etc. Please DO NOT enter a "$" sign or any other things on the bid amount form. WHOLE number only, or you might get goofy results! If you return to an item's page after you've bid, you may need to "refresh" or "reload" to see the updated bid amount. Names and Email addresses are NOT posted during the auction. If you prefer to have a bid "Anonymous" write to Pat and tell her which one, etc. We'll work that out. If there are ANY problems bidding, let us know as well.  Thus, to sum it up, the bidding process goes: ITEM PAGE ==>PREBID PAGE==>BID PAGE. The "prebid" page is the verification page, and the "bid" page is the confirmation page. You can return to any part of the auction from there!
Further bidding information-
Updates/notices, etc.: Confirmation notices and outbid notices are sent immediately during the bidding procedure. Nightly notices to current high bidders are sent, usually, early evenings. Pat also usually posts an update to the EF list and to others who've requested to be updated as well. Final auction notices are sent after we are content with everything having been completed satisfactorily. This used to happen the following day, but now often occurs within minutes after an auction, but we try to get it done as soon as possible.

After the auction: In the final auction notices, each high bidder is notified on where to send bid amount(s). If you have more than one item you were high bidder on, total them up and send the total. Once bid amount is received at proper place, donator of auction items is notified where to send auction item. And, other than mailing issues, that's it! Auction money is used entirely for the causes stated on that auction's pages!

Past auctions are maintained in an archive for future reference!

Upcoming Fundraisers are always in the works! If you have an item or items you'd like to donate, let Pat know, and she'll work with you on details. Mostly what we need is any worthy items, a good picture if possible, and item description. Beyond that is helpful, but a good picture makes a BIG difference in many items! Items do NOT have to be dog stuff, but obviously that's a focus here, as we're all "dog people" afterall! The more items we get for the fundraisers, the more $$$ that can be raised!

Further information for Raffles: We usually have someone volunteer to "host" the raffles. This will be clearly noted on any raffle fundraiser. Send the money to that person. Pledges of funds are accepted as well, but note that any "prize" won by someone merely "pledging" will not be sent out until the pledge is actually received(common sense). Any other raffle details are on the particular fundraiser pages!

Behind the scenes: Pat, our "auctioneer" and "fearless leader," has a number of little Elves helping her! Not sure where she gets all those great items, but many little elves keep on helping her out...finding neat items, processing the auction endings, organizing raffles, setting up the site pages, etc.! We have to shuffle much of the information back and forth before, during, AND after the auctions in keeping things straight. We're spread across the country, and email is our primary form of communication, so it's actually amazing we do well with these, but you know....elves are pretty cool, and we're all glad Pat has a few good elves helping her!!! :)

If you have comments or questions on the fundraisers, send them to Pat! If you have comments or questions on the site, please send to Michael! Thanks, and we hope you enjoy the events!!!

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