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EskieFriends - About Us

Our main purpose with the EskieFriends fundraisers is to help eskies(American Eskimo Dogs) in need. We started out aiming to help just eskies, but we've branched out helping some non-eskie canine friends and even some other 4 legged friends(remember Spanky the cat?) so that we help friends OF the eskies as well as eskies themselves. We still focus on Eskies, but aren't going to turn a cold shoulder to a well deserving case if it comes along! Though we can't help EVERY eskie in need(we sure would if we could!!!), we try to help out all we can. With fosters and rescue folks across North America, we've had a number of "special needs" cases, which often require some expensive surgery or other care, prior to being placed in a permanent, loving home! Though actual cases and causes may vary some(you have to read each fundraiser for its details), most are special cases needing large vet bills paid off(or at least reduced significantly), but if any amounts are raised above and beyond the needed amount for the specified fundraising effort, the extra amount is poured into our own  DogBowl....the funds are not likely to stay long as other needy cases are sure to come up, and the funds will be put toward whatever cases come along! All in all....the amounts raised go ENTIRELY to either specific cases or related funds that are then used for other like cases!

Our "theme" since early on has been "Giving Life a Second Chance" and that's exactly what we seek to do. If you've read any of the stories for the fundraisers, you know that each one has a heart touching aspect. We've had some wonderful joys and some heartbreakers along the way. But, we always seek to give life a little more for those we do help out...

What began as a single page and auction in July 1999 raising over $700, has evolved into hundreds of pages, and now a full site, with numerous people participating in its activities. In the first 18 months of fundraising we raised over $22,000! The first auction had 18 items, but now we often see many, many more items than that for each auction...as many as 145 items have been on a single auction at a time! Whew! Sometimes it seems overwhelming, but we keep plugging along. (We have put our "history" section on a separate page....so if you want to read about the origins/etc. of the fundraisers, please see the history page!)

The fundraisers were started by Pat Cassel in the Summer of 1999. The first auction was actually a combined Eskie/Keeshond auction.In August of 1999, the fundraisers moved to Eskie Central and would evolve into offerings of raffles, auctions, and other fundraisers all under the name of Auctions for the Eskies. In February 2001, the fundraisers moved to their own domain at EskieFriends.com! Pat is still our "Auctioneer" and head of things here. She started the first auction and has continued to organize and operate things ever since. Michael(aka UnkleMunky) has been doing the site work and display maintenance since the 2nd fundraiser. Jill Boardman has been doing the "treasuring" for the auctions for a long time now too....which helps all of us out! Various people (Dotti, Carolyn, Carol, Suzanne...did I miss anyone?) have stepped forward to help in hosting the raffles. We've also branched out quite a bit since the early days....not only holding "auctions" but raffles and other fundraisers.

Just as important as all the above mentioned folks are EACH and EVERY one of you who has participated in the fundraisers in the past....whether you donated an item, bid on an item, anything.....it's all added up! I'm really not sure if we could even begin to name everyone who's helped out....there are SOOOO many of you! And that's the other part of the "EskieFriends" name.....those "Friends" who have joined in helping out in each and every effort! We can't thank you enough and we want you ALL to know that the name "EskieFriends" is not only for the dogs....it's for EACH and EVERY one of you that has been a friend TO the eskies in need that we have helped! You know if you've helped, so grab one of the eskie smiles among the images on this site and carry it in your heart....you deserve it!

As we often say...not one of us could do all of this alone....it's only when we come together that we can make such a difference!

To learn more about helping us out, participating, or such, please see our "help-out" page for details.....some information on how it's best to help and how to contact us is there as well.

Below are merely the email contacts for Pat, Michael, and Jill.....

Pat: pcassel@pa.net | Contact Pat on anything about the fundraisers in general or specific items, cases, etc.!

Jill: jillianb@netbotics.com  | Contact Jill if need be for issues relating to auction items that you were either high bidder or the item donator for....she handles the $$$ and lets the donators know when they can send items to the high bidder!

Michael: unklemunky@eskie.net | Contact Michael about anything related to the site, domain, design or all that. Pretty much any of the "maintenance" part is his category. Oh.....he doesn't mind discussing old Jeeps either...just don't get him started on the issue of new printer drivers(he LIKES his old dot matrix)!

Giving Life a Second Chance
These fundraisers are held to help needy eskies(and sometimes eskie friends!). It is through the generous help of EVERYONE that we have been able to do so much together! If you can donate an item(though doggy items are most welcome, all kinds of donations are encouraged), please consider doing so. If you want to help, but don't want to "shop", let Pat know as she often gets some great items at great prices, and you can donate items by utilizing her "resources". Or possibly other ways as well.....it is ALL that we do together that helps! And, don't forget, the fundraisers are GREAT ways to find some common(as well as not so common) items....MANY eskie and dog related...spread the word!!! If you are looking for an item, let Pat know, and she can add it to the "Wishlist"....MANY items have shown up on the auctions via such requests! We will have another fundraiser together before long, so do contact Pat if you are interested in helping......together...we can all help out in...
Giving Life a Second Chance...

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